Wind Tunnel & Hydrodynamic Models

Modelwerks has participated in many commercial and military model projects within the aviation, marine, renewable energy and transportation industries ranging from 1 – 12 ft scale model airplanes; 30 ft radar models; 1/5 scale Kenworth truck to solar panels and wind turbines. Modelwerks has also built hydrodynamic test tank models for boat hulls, keels, rudders, and winglets.

A Modelwerks’ model will have the following characteristics: (1) repeatability (2) durability (3) proper fit (4) proper finish and (5) ease of changeover. Ease of changeover is facilitated by the use of powered control surfaces, which Modelwerks now offers its customers. A powered control surface reduces the amount of time spent on making configuration changes during testing and therefore reduces tunnel time costs.


  • Model Design
  • Model Fabrication
  • Tunnel Support